International Distribution

            Even before the first issue of the journal in Sydney, the members of the Editorial Board decided that it would send "Australiada" not only to all major Australian cities, but also to Russia. First, it was sent to friends living in different countries of the former Soviet Union. The response was amazing. The journal caused even more interest among the readers in those countries than amongst Russian Australians.

            As early as the third issue the journal included reviews from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Soon, the journal became a regular feature in the principal libraries of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Later the journal began to be distributed to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. The Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok has a special "Australian Division," where the issues of the journal are not only read, but used by students for research. At the present time "Australiada" has readers in many Russian cities.

            "Australiada" is sent to subscribers and distributors in different cities and countries. It is sold in church stalls, shops and clubs. According to the rules of registration it is sent to the National Library in Canberra and to the State Library of NSW free of charge. In the United States, the journal goes to the Library of Congress in Washington and to other libraries.
There are subscribers in America, Brazil, Japan, and in Canada. There have been requests for supply of complete sets of the journal from various foundations and centres in Russia. The journal would be distributed more broadly, if the editors had more resources. The production of an online version in the near future will make the journal more widely available internationally.